Group Training

This class is designed for any age, size or ability, i.e. finished puppy training, adopted a new dog from rescue or would just like to socialise with your dog.

Held outside, the session will come up against all sorts of distractions but that's life with a dog!

The class is combined with basic agility (see below) and will work on areas such as sit, recall and loose-lead walking.


When:  9am and 10.15am

Where: Haysden Country Park

Price: £10 for hour session

Age: 6 months+


Clicker Training

please visit for dog training classes

Puppy Training

It's never too late to learn clicker and has proven to be a very effective method of training and "marking behaviour".

This is a 1-2-1 session and you and your dog can learn at your own pace.


When: please contact for time slot

Price: £10  for 30 minute session

New Puppy? Training and socialisation is the best gift you can offer your puppy.

Puppy training are ongoing sessions from vaccination to 6 months and consist of a Confidence building course, recall training, obedience training and fun tricks :)


Please contact for more information


My Dog's Got Talent! ... teach your dog a new trick and show off to family and friends.

Tricks are taught as part of the group training.


Where: Haysden Country Park, Tonbridge

Price: see group training

Basic Agility

You only have to watch Crufts to see how much fun agility is for both dog and owner.  I believe agility stimulates the dogs mind and builds the bond between dog and owner, it works on improving the dogs attention who is always waiting for the next command, it gives the dog "happy vibes" when s/he hears the cheers of his/her owner and it fills the owner with pride when the course is complete.


When: 9am and 10.15am

Where: Haysden Country Park


When: not currently offered

Price: £30 for hour session