About Me

dog training, tonbridge Kent
​What we offer

group classes for great socialisation and to learn new or improve on existing skills.

Classes are designed to incorporate as much fun as possible for both owner and dog. Contact me for more information.

Group Classes


any age, size and ability welcome.  Great for building socialisation skills and perfecting general commands

Basic Agility

burn off excess energy and have lots of fun!

general response is "my dog slept all afternoon after your class!"

Find out what is going on in the world of It's All Dog Fun!




Clicker Training

we've seen videos of dogs showing off their trick repertoire... don't let your dog miss out on the opportunity :-)​


private agility training for you and your dog at a pace suitable for your needs and in a location convenient to you

learn how to "mark" the behaviour and strengthen the command

Puppy Training

give your puppy the best start and learn commands to communicate with your pup. Classes held outside.