The most common issue I am contacted about is "my dog has selective hearing" - sound familiar?  To be honest, it's no surprise.  Most puppy classes are held in a nice warm indoor environment, the dog learns skills such as sit, stay and recall with little or no distractions. When outside dogs will go crazy, think of all those interesting smells to check out, objects to find, birds and leaves to chase, is it any wonder our dog chooses not to return when called; we have unknowingly set our dog up to fail...


My classes are held outside and are designed to work on the basic cues in a way that our dog will succeed and be rewarded.  By understanding the distraction, the distance you can recall your dog from and the length of time your dog will wait in one spot, will come easily and naturally.


It's All Dog Fun! is about building up a strong, fun and fulfilling relationship between dog and owner.

dog training, Tonbridge Kent

I have spent many years in an office staring out the window wishing I was outside.  Having always dreamt of working with animals and in particular, dogs, I came across The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) offering the opportunity to train as a dog trainer with highly experienced well-known trainers. 


I have met some truly inspirational people on the courses I have attended and they have spurred me on to turn my dream into reality.  I started It's All Dog Fun! bringing training and fun together. 


Joining IMDT has opened up many adventures including spending 1-2-1 time with dogs who through no fault of their own found themselves in rescue; Bertie and Teddy have now found forever homes and I know I made that possible.  This job is both rewarding and enjoyable.  The smallest difference you can make to a dogs relationship with its owner is priceless and I am committed to supporting that result.


Having attended the rescue courses I could not pass up the opportunity to give a forever home in 2015 to a gorgeous Beagle who I called Rocco, and we are working together to make sure he has the best possible future.  Clicker and target stick training is going great... 


Leo, my cocker spaniel joined the family in May 2018 and has been great company for Rocco.  Leo joins me every Saturday at training and is proving to be a natural at agility :-)


It's never too late to learn or perfect skills - you get back what you put in.  If my class or style of training is not for you, don't give up.



​2 day Career as a Dog Trainer

4 day Instructor Course

1 day Perfect Puppy

Dog First Aid

Geert de Bolster Dog Aggression Seminar

2nd Chance Heroes

Rescue Pup, Spain 2014

Body Language

Grumpy Dog

Canine Nutrition

Happy Recallers

(all with Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)